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PIII Overclocking Problems, Solutions, & Results
This article contains the results from overclocking 4 PIII 500Es and 2 PIII 550Es with 2 Celeron 300As thrown in the middle of it all. One of the PIII 500E CPUs discussed in this article was tested here at Hardware News Net. The others are the overclocking results of CPUs that some of our readers sent in to us in response to our "Overclocking 4 PIII 500Es" article. We discuss the problems that the users had in overclocking their systems and what they did to try and solve the problems. Thanks to everybody that has responded to the original article and shared their results.

This article was originally published Feb. 10, 2000.
Check It Out Here: PIII Overclocking Proble...        posted by: johnd2 - May 13, 2006 16:29
Overclocking and Upgrading For More Quake III fps
This guide will cover overclocking for the faint of heart (no ripping off heat sinks or replacing stock heat sink/fan combos) and upgrades that anyone who is not afraid to take the cover off of his or her PC case can perform. The guide will help you judge which upgrades and overclocks give you the most bang for the buck. The benchmarks in this guide are all Quake III (hence the title), but you should be able to use them to help you judge where upgrades and overclocking help in getting for you faster 3D gaming performance.

This article was originally published Jan. 23, 2000.
Check It Out Here: Overclocking and Upgradi...        posted by: johnd2 - May 13, 2006 16:29
Overclocking 4 PIII 500Es
Are you looking at possibly buying a Pentium III 500E with your sites set on overclocking it? Want an idea as to how far the CPU that you buy might overclock? Will it overclock or even run on an older motherboard like the ABIT BH6 revision 1.02 motherboard? Our experiences with three retail PIII 500E CPUs may help you answer some of your questions.

This article was originally published Jan. 29, 2000.
Check It Out Here: Overclocking 4 PIII 500E...        posted by: johnd2 - May 13, 2006 16:28
Cooling the PIII 500E
Another user has sent in his information about his success with overclocking a PIII 500E, but this time the emphasis is on cooling the CPU. Darren has put together a heatsink/fan combo that has allowed him to reduce his CPU temperature by 10.5 degrees C. This is an inexpensive modification and is detailed below.

This article was originally published Feb. 19, 2000.
Check It Out Here: Cooling the PIII 500E        posted by: johnd2 - May 04, 2006 23:19

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