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Creative Labs Annihilator Pro


I've included some Quake III screenshots below to give you an idea of what Quake III looks like with the Annihilator Pro. The screenshot on the left is 32 bit color while the one on the right is 16 bit color. The screenshots are at 1024x768 resolution. Clicking on a screenshot will display the screenshot at its full size in a separate window.



The Annihilator Pro, if you can stand the price, will allow you to run games like Quake III at higher resolutions and colors while providing you with an acceptable fps level during game play. I have seen it priced at just under $250 at some web sites, but expect to pay around $300 at a local retail store. After several weeks at being overclocked to 330Mhz, I have not had any problems associated with the card. Other companies such as Asus, Elsa, and Guillemont also have GeForce 256 DDR boards out. You can find links to reviews on these boards on our news page.

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