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Overclocking 4 PIII 500Es


Pentium III 500E Systems

Week / Batch 45 47 48 / 1
Motherboard Soyo SY-6VBA133 Abit BH6 Abit BF6
Slot 1 Adapter Iwill Slocket II Iwill Slocket II Iwill Slocket II
RAM Corsair PC133 Samsung PC100 Corsair PC133
Video Card Voodoo3 2000 &
Annihilator Pro
Voodoo3 3000 Voodoo3 2000
Sound Card Live! Value Live! Value Live! Value
Hard Drive 8.4GB IBM 8.4GB IBM 18GB Maxtor
Network Card NE-12 Ethernet Generic SMC EZCard
Other Cards Hollywood+ DVD Hollywood+ DVD
Additional Cooling The Card Cooler The Card Cooler The Card Cooler, Alpha PFH6035 with Global Win 27cfm fan
Operating System Windows 98 Windows 98 Windows 98
Max Stable Mhz
775 (155 FSB)
667 (133 FSB)
675 (135 FSB)


Our successful overclocking of the three Pentium III 500Es that we purchased from three different vendors is a favorable indication of just how well the PIII 500E coppermine CPUs overclock. I've seen several reports of really good numbers with some of the coppermine CPUs. I've only seen one request for help with getting a PIII 500E to overclock past 550Mhz, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty such requests out there. Judging by the success we had with three out of three PIII 500Es, I'd say it would be a good chance (obviously no guarantees) that for around $240 you could get a PIII 500E CPU that would overclock to at least 667Mhz.

UPDATE: One of our fellow overclockers shares his experiences in overclocking a 500E that had striking similarities with CPU #3 in this review. Click the link to the next page to read about CPU #4.

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